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Meet our Advisors

Where would we be without our experts?

We are forever grateful to these people who share their vast knowledge and skills with us.

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Sooo. Legal

Neerja Choudhuri

Corporate Law, Contract Drafting, Communication and Strategy, Freelance Writer, Brand Management

Neerja has been associated with Sooo since 2021. She is a lawyer having diverse experience in the field of Environment Laws and Intellectual Property Rights. She has numerous research papers to her credits. In addition to being a lawyer, she also deals with communication and strategy along with brand management.

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Advisory Board

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

Psychologist & CEO at Progressing Minds | Shaping cultural excellence through engaged leadership | Executive Coach | Author | TEDx & Keynote Speaker | HBR recommended | Forbes Women | Negotiation Trainer

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Advisory Board

Prof. Sandor Mulsow, Former Head, the Office of Environmental Management and Mineral Resources at the International Seabed Authority

Former Head, Office of Environmental Management and Mineral Resources at International Seabed Authority

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