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Meet our Ambassadors & Advisors

Where would we be without our friends and network?

We are forever grateful for these people that endorse and cheer us on.

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim.jpg

Advisor and Ambassador

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

Psychologist & CEO at Progressing Minds | Shaping cultural excellence through engaged leadership | Executive Coach | Author | TEDx & Keynote Speaker | HBR recommended | Forbes Women | Negotiation Trainer

Dr. Nashater is the CEO of Progressing Minds and author of the book “The Leadership PIN Code- Unlocking the Key to Willing and Winning Relationships” which debuted in the 2020 Forbes list of 8 Books" that makes you reconsider the way you manage relationships"

She is an HBR contributor, executive coach on leadership influence, and a keynote speaker on her experience as a psychologist working with psychopaths, the serving military, and leaders in business settings. She is an accomplished moderator on the international stage. Nashater has over 25 years of practical business experience across diverse sectors for governments, global corporations, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. Nashater has held executive leadership positions within the strategy, and leadership development in international corporations and SMEs. She holds a doctorate in Psychology from the UK and trained as an Expert Negotiator at Harvard Law School.

Astrid R Skaugseth_edited.jpg

Astrid Skaugseth, Norway

SHE Conference has become one of the world's leading events focused on social responsibility and sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and innovation. But we don't just talk about the importance of making a change. We empower people to act! Astrid has held several management positions, but is now focused on leading SHE,

Astrid has also studied sustainability management at the University of Cambridge. - Diversity is necessary for success and for reaching the UN's sustainability needle, she states and adds: - It creates better decision-making processes, increased innovation power, and long-term value creation.

CEO of SHE, one of Europe's most important conferences.

Advisor and Ambassador


Phil Plumley, Prague

Socially committed entrepreneur and advisor with 15 years in energy and finance. Active across social networks. Mentoring and Advising have become the greatest forms of supporting the creation of a greater future for the planet. Also behind Ocean Matters Podcast with over 350 episodes. Currently working on a book. 

Key Note speaker, Author and Podcast Host

Advisor and Ambassador


Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE, has been at the heart of the greening of China since 2007. She has dedicated her life to personal and planetary health. Named the "Green Goddess of China" by Chinese press and TIME Hero of the Environment, she travels the world to consult companies and governments on how to catalyze societal-scale change, scale sustainable innovation, and collaborate with China.


Peggy's superpower is bringing people together across borders and industries to change the world for the better. Peggy works across policy, economic, technical, and spiritual realms.​


Peggy keynotes around the world on lessons from how China is tackling the world's toughest challenges: pollution, urbanization, epidemics, drought, obesity and diabetes. What can other societies can learn without becoming China? How can individuals catalyze societal-scale change?


Peggy is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. She was awarded the "Nobel" of climate change and the "Hillary Step". The Economist called her "one of the most innovative thinkers in Asia." Previously, she was a venture capitalist and founded one of the earliest e-commerce companies in Silicon Valley. Red Herring's cover story dubbed her an "Internet Pioneer".

As the best-selling author of Mesmerize the Media: Maximize Your Impact With More Press, Peggy coaches women leaders on personal branding and transformational speaking. She brings about the rise of the Divine Feminine by strengthening the voices of women in the media.

Advisor and Ambassador




Janna Salokangas, Helsinki & Monaco

Entrepreneur, Creative Strategist, and a people person who understands the power of human connection.

Gone from organizing the world’s most exclusive Grand Prix partnership activations and events at top F1® locations to founding a brand activation agency highlighting Nordic companies internationally through high-end events and networking opportunities.

Janna's mission is to elevate the future potential with impactful co-creation.

Janna is a co-founder of Metaverse Inclusive, a media brand shining a light on women, projects, and companies that are building an inclusive Metaverse.


She is also a co-founder and creator of Finnish Flow and Future of Cities Davos programming that is is a series of events inviting Davos participants and stakeholders into a collaboration to envision better and more sustainable urban life and cities together.

Advisor and Ambassador

Annie Sun, Orca Research And Conservation International Organisation


Karete Kristofferesen, Norway

Karete has a colorful and creative soul, brave, mindful, and curious, with a great passion for inner sustainable development. Her WHY is that all people will develop, grow, and thrive, to contribute to a better world for all future generations. Learning, creativity, meditation, reflection, and self-development are a natural part of her life. Having an impact, influencing, contributing, and giving back to the world is important to Karete.
She strongly believes that humans are nature, as born on a small island in Norway, surrounded by the sea and a beautiful raw nature. She is deeply connected to her roots the smell and the calming sound of the ocean.
Karete wants a world where we as individuals are deeply connected, by being conscious of who we are, how er think, feel, and act, observing, reflecting, and being able to learn and adjust on our life journey. To be more mindful and learn how to really listen both inward and outward to others, use curiosity, and collaborate across borders. By that we can easily build strong relationships despite differences, making the right decisions and actions for the future. It`s crucial to change our mindsets and patterns to save the planet. It`s all about people!

Today Karete runs a business that delivers support and programs for developing teams, leaders, and organizations. She is a leader-coach, and speaker on topics such as creativity, future leadership, inner sustainable development, empathic high-performance culture, learning organizations, communication, and change management.

Karete has 25 years of leadership in IKEA, recently until 2019 as a Creative leader. She has been a Coach and facilitator in the global IKEA training «My Conscious Leadership» for many years and contributed to people and business development in Norway, China, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden.

Karete is an educated Exhibition Designer, NLP Practitioner & Master Coach, and Enneagrammet
personality Coach, and many development programs and courses within retail design, business development, concept, design thinking, creativity, leadership, coaching, and self-development.


Advisor and Ambassador

Professor Sandor Mulsow

Prof. Sandor Mulsow, Former Head, the Office of Environmental Management and Mineral Resources at the International Seabed Authority

Dr. Sandor Mulsow has more than 20 years of International experience in Marine Sciences as a United Nations expert: International Atomic Energy Agency-IAEA-UN, Group of Experts on Scientific Aspects of Marine Protection- GESAMP_UN, International Seabed Authority- ISA_UN, Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research and Member of the Global Future Council of the World Economic Forum. He has implemented scientific and infrastructure development programs in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Cuba, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Proficient in organizing and executing complex explicit database projects, IAEA Radioactive Database and ISA, Deep Data in areas outside national jurisdictions. Successful regulator/mediator/negotiator of complex proposals in international waters under UNCLOS in underwater mining. Consultant in diplomatic negotiations with member states and ministries signatories to UNCLOS, academic institutes, and non-governmental organizations. Expert in UNCLOS matters and the responsible use of the oceans for the benefit of humanity. He has published more than 30 WOS articles, more than 100 technical reports, and book chapters. More than 80 invitations to conferences on all continents. He had participated in 13 scientific cruises studying the ecosystem functions of the seabed of all the oceans. He is e mentor as a marine geologist, devoted to the protection of the oceans for future generations, and also as a professor of geoethics in marine sciences. A fundamental defender of the fundamental rights of the global workforce.

Advisor and Ambassador

Deep Rising 2023 Photographer Siv Sivertsen-33.jpg
Mark Lovett 2019 Profile 1200px.jpg

Storyteller / Storylistener

As the founder of Storytelling with Impact, Mark Lovett works with individuals, corporations, startups, and nonprofits, helping them craft and deliver stories that will create impact on a personal, regional, and global level. Having worked with hundreds of speakers, Mark has repeatedly witnessed the ability of storytelling to shift perspectives on important topics.


Mark's background includes 25 years as a C-level executive in the computer industry before changing directions and becoming a TEDx organizer. He has worked on large events held in concert venues, as well as an event that straddled the U.S. / Mexico border, and two events that occurred inside a California State prison.


As the world confronts critical issues such as climate change and sustainability, stories can play a key role in explaining complex subjects and introducing innovative solutions to those problems. Stories serve to integrate scientific research and statistics with personal stories, and to that end, Mark is passionate about bringing impactful stories to the public discourse.

Mark Lovett, Portugal

Advisor and Ambassador

Eli Gjesdal © Fotograf Siv Sivertsen-92.jpg

Eli Gjesdal, Norway

Eli is a Co-Active Coach, graduated from Co-Active Institute. Through her inspiration, support, trustworthiness, and determination she inspires people who want to change, be challenged, or want a push so that they believe more in themselves and take necessary steps to create a better life, develop their dreams and reach their goals. As a speaker coach, she is helping people to transform messages and the way they are delivered into clear and inspiring presentations.


She has collected more than 40 years of professional experience in shipping, both commercial and maritime. She has extensive and broad experience within international shipping. Leadership and teamwork, business development, strategic planning, business planning, marketing strategy and negotiations, organizational development, coaching and talent management, improvement and change processes, contract, project, - and performance management, and building customer relations. Result and solution-oriented, structured and analytical, inspiring and enthusiastic, people person; connector and relator. Extensive network. High integrity and loyalty.

International shipping experience both from USA, Stamford, UK, London and Sweden, Stockholm.


She holds a Master of Management and a Bachelor´s degree in International Marketing.


When she is recharging her batteries, you will find her in the mountains or by the sea!

She has a love for seasons and the variety and energy nature offers!

+47 952 50 875

Let´s connect and have a virtual coffee


Advisor and Ambassador

Small - Cropped1.jpg

Tarja Stephens, Miami

Tarja is the Co-Founder of Metaverse Inclusive, a media brand shining a light on women, projects, and companies that are building an inclusive Metaverse. She is also the Miami Chapter President of the Global VR/AR Association that brings together over 60K brilliant minds and 4000 businesses across the globe fostering collaboration on immersive technologies. As an impact-driven changemaker, she serves as an ambassador of Women and Web3 Miami with a mission to make Web3 equitable & inclusive for more women.

Tarja is passionate about harnessing the power of virtual worlds to make a positive impact in the real world and unlocking people’s collective potential for the greater good. In her spare time, she serves as a board member of the non-profit Impact Mission Miami, which focuses on raising awareness and cultivating the conscious, purpose-driven business movement in the Miami region.

Advisor and Ambassador

Annie Sunday.jpg

I have always wanted to make a change in the world, by being a voice for nature and wildlife. Starting with horses as a child, growing up next to a stable, and by the sea, and being able to see porpoises often. I quickly realized animals are as intelligent as humans. We are not superior to them in any way, we have just as a species placed ourselves above them. I believe we are truly meant to be custodians of this Earth and to live in harmony with it. In the animal kingdom, there is balance, and this is what we need to learn as humans as well. I am an educated Marine Naturalist, working for Genuswave to protect wildlife by using acoustic technology to keep animals safely at a distance from cities, fishing nets, etc. As an avid photographer, I am hoping to get more photos of the Minkie Whales of Northern Norway. I am also working for Sea Shepherd Norway, volunteering, and have started my campaign to end whaling in Norway for good. It is also important to mention Faroe Island, and Iceland as a main point of focus. I love activism, as much as I love simply partaking in beautiful scenery surrounded by wildlife, and that is why I have started my Whale Watching Company, to be able to bring people out to the whales in their natural surroundings. I love the work Sooo is doing for our planet, and I am honored to be a part of that.

Annie Sun, The Association Of Global Orca Conservation


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