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Sooo. Magazine & Events 
Founded in Norway
is a Global digital media
that brings awareness and impact
on topics related to sustainability. 

Sooo. The journey began as a conversation between Siv and Teddy and so they discovered that they have a shared vision to support the process of creating a better world. Realizing how aligned they were that the world had reached a point where action was needed, they began to discuss the possibility of uniting their powers and skills to make an impact. Their vision was to raise awareness, educate and inspire others to find solutions and take action on important topics related to sustainability.

So that’s how the concept of a digital magazine about sustainability called Sooo was born. Siv was already a founder of a creative agency that set the foundations for the magazine. With a background in building networks and creating opportunities and strategies, Teddy brought the rest. The idea for the name came from Siv who had the vision of Sooo as a word that always comes up when you present a solution or a question. 

As we work on our digital magazine, we are looking for other ways to share news and stories such as podcasts, videos, animation, and visual storytelling in addition to written articles. 

Today Sooo. is proud of its outstanding team of ambassadors, contributors, and friends from around the world. With expertise in content creation, writing, design, leadership, branding, and PR, all united by the vision for creating a better world, they have a key role in developing the magazine and creating an impact. 

Sooo. what's next? Launch of a Live interview/Podcast, the official launch of the Sooo. Magazine and building a community are some of the things that Siv and Teddy are planning for the near future. 

Do you have any ideas or feedback, or do you want to be part of this incredible journey? Are you passionate about making an impact for a better future? Please get in touch! 

Meet Sooo.

Teddy Slavcheva by Siv Sivertsen

Teddy Slavcheva


Founder & Partner CEO

Teddy is a sustainability and diversity advocate and futurist. She is a board member at the European Female Founders and the Nordics Women in Tech Awards. Previously, she held the position of VP at Women in Tech Oslo and served as an Advisor at VR Oslo Business Cluster.


With an academic background in Business Administration and a Master's in PR, Teddy is passionate about impactful ventures. In her early career, she worked in the creative industries as an artist and entrepreneur, creating music for social impact. She was a finalist in the "Music Against Poverty" competition organized by the EU and won the 1st prize in the world competition for the "Song Against Corruption Fair Play" organized by the World Bank.

For several years, she worked as a journalist for Elle Magazine, covering inspiring women and reporting on the fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, and London.

As a co-founder and managing director of T and T agency, Teddy has been involved in organizing concerts, festivals, and video and movie productions, including the TV show Music Wave.

Winner of the VR Hackathon Nordics, Teddy's passion for tech with a positive impact led her to co-found InnoP AS, a circular and sustainability company that develops products from recycled plastic, utilizing cutting-edge tech like 3D printing, AI, and smart design solutions.

Her ability to create opportunities and the global sustainability network, developed through different initiatives and projects, has been key elements in the process of raising awareness and impact for a more sustainable future.

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kati stavnem_edited.jpg

Katrin Stavnem

Reasearcher & Develompent

Master's degree in Mathematics from UiT (Tartu University), Diploma in Tourism Management, Clinical Hypnotherapist from Robert Shields College in the UK, and a medical foundation course.

I have lived and worked in different countries: Estonia, Denmark, the UK, Greece, and Norway.

I have a burning passion for understanding the complex interactions within the human body and how various factors, including lifestyle, nutrition, and the environment, influence our health.

Through several years of experience, I have come to understand that our well-being is entirely dependent on a healthy and balanced environment, including clean water and oceans. It is crucial to raise awareness about water, the oceans, and environmental protection, and to highlight how critical these issues are for our own health and the future of our planet.

My desire is to inspire and raise awareness among people about the importance of taking care of our oceans and water resources, and how even small actions can make a significant difference.

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Siv Sivertsen by lineowrenfotografi

Siv Sivertsen

Founder & Partner & COO of Sooo

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Siv Sivertsen (born 1973) is a multifaceted creative force with a rich background in visual communication, photography, design, and cultural entrepreneurship. Her journey unfolds as a pioneering female photographer in Stavanger's advertising industry, and her diverse talents have spanned photography, graphic design, and even jewelry design.

Siv studied Visual Communication with a focus on Photography and Graphic Design at the Edinburgh College of Art. As the first female photographer in Stavanger's advertising landscape, she established her own studio. Siv has published four compelling books, with a fifth in progress, and her work has been showcased in numerous solo exhibitions and collaborative performances.

In 2001, Siv clinched the prestigious National Goldsmith competition, earning acclaim for "The Land of the Ocean," a groundbreaking necklace blending silver, acrylic glass, and silver. This achievement marked a testament to her innovative approach and keen eye for design.

Driven by her passion for culture and community, Siv ventured into the hospitality scene, founding Sandnes Brygge and Stills Café. These establishments became hubs for quality food, cultural events, concerts, and art. In 2008, Siv, along with her partner, received the Commune Honor Awards for their outstanding cultural contributions. Her impact was further recognized with a nomination for The Quadruple Jump Award in Stavanger in 2010.

In 2017, Siv embarked on a new chapter by founding Sooo. Creative Communication. The venture took a sustainable turn in 2020 after a transformative encounter with Teddy. Siv's commitment to environmental and social responsibility became ingrained in the Sooo. brand ethos.

Cindy Sang.jpeg

Cindy Sang 

Communications Director

Cindy is the Founder and Managing Director of O Events and Consultancy.

Cindy is also the Co-Founder of Monaco Swimweek and A PEACE of Scandinavia; a Foundation platform set up by the Princess of Norway to help Scandinavian businesses, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to share their processes to improve sustainability.

Cindy’s career has spanned across two decades working within the Luxury Industry. specifically focusing on the Fashion, Concierge, Events, and PR/communications sectors.

Cindy is best known for her private events during the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Lions Festival, and The World Economic Forum in Davos, where she organizes integral events around the forums.

Cindy is also well-known as a highly-skilled connector, offering lucrative opportunities to access her database of ultra-high net-worth individuals and businesses. She successfully sources celebrity endorsements and sponsorship for her events clients and links in other profitable opportunities via venture capitalists and financiers, who are seeking investment opportunities.

Cindy is now committed to putting her database to good use by assisting with social impact investing and funding opportunities for philanthropic projects.

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Jonathan Treacher, Finacial & Legal Advisor

Jonathan Treacher, BA, JD, MBA is a qualified corporate lawyer with over twenty years of experience in the corporate finance sector as an investment banker, managing PE and VC funds and as CEO of a multi-billion Euro hedge fund. 


Jonathan has been a founder of multiple successful growth businesses and has served on the Board, including as Chairman, of both private and publicly listed companies. He has taken companies to list on public markets, both as a board member and as an advisor, and has worked on M&A and capital raising transactions worth over US$30 Bn over the course of his career to date. 


Currently, Jonathan divides his time between the UK and Africa, where, amongst other activities, he has a farm, focused on sustainable agriculture. He has a strong interest in the natural world -  particularly sustainable development and how companies can achieve growth and profitability while respecting the natural environment. 


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