Sooo. Magazine & Events
Founded in Norway,
is a global digital media that will bring
awareness and impact on topics related
to sustainability.

Sooo. The journey started as a conversation between Siv and Teddy and so they discovered that they have a common vision to support the process of creating a better world. They both were aligned that the world has reached a point when action is needed. So they started to discuss how could they unite their power and skills to create an impact. They wanted to bring awareness, educate, inspire others for finding solutions, and taking action regarding issues on important topics related to sustainability. 

So that’s how the concept of a digital magazine about sustainability called Sooo was created. Siv was already a founder of a creative agency that set the foundations for the magazine. Teddy on the other hand, with experience in building networks, creating opportunities, and strategic thinking brought the rest. The idea of the name came from Siv who had the vision of Sooo as a word that comes always when you introduce a solution or a question. 

Sunniva Mørstad joined and helped with move forward to the pre-launch edition and setting some of the foundations for the official launch. Sooo. our team will always be grateful for her amazing contribution. 

Today Sooo. is proud of its outstanding team of ambassadors, contributors, and friends from all around the world. With expertise in content creation, writing, design, leadership, branding, and PR, all united by the vision for creating a better world, they have a key role in developing the magazine and creating an impact. 

Sooo. what's next? Launch of a Live interview/Podcast, the official launch of the Sooo. Magazine and building a community are some of the things that Siv and Teddy are planing for the near future. 

Do you have any idea, feedback, or want to be part of this incredible journey? Please get in touch! 

Meet The Founders

Siv Sivertsen by lineowrenfotografi

Siv Sivertsen

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Founder & Partner of Sooo. / Sustainability /  Awareness / Entrepreneur / Marketing / Visual Design / Branding / Events

Teddy Slavcheva by Siv Sivertsen

Teddy Slavcheva

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Founder & Partner of  Sooo. / Founder at InnoP AS / Vice Leader Women in Tech Oslo / WomenTech Network Global Ambassador/ Diversity and Sustainability Advocate and Futurist