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Where would we be without our friends and network?

We are forever grateful for these people that support us with great content.

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Artist, designer and Author

Cristina Carvalheiro-Nunes, Canada

Cristina Carvalheiro is a seasoned artist, designer, author, and esteemed educator with a profound belief in the transformative power of education and creativity for fostering social equity, driving innovation, and facilitating personal development. With an extensive career spanning over 28 years, she has emerged as a passionate advocate for children, actively participating in diverse outreach initiatives dedicated to uplifting communities globally. In addition to her advocacy work, Cristina has lent her expertise to strategic consultancy, notably advising an innovative clean tech startup in spearheading advancements in electric and generator technologies. As the founder of Carvalheiro Photography, she remains steadfast in her commitment to infusing communities worldwide with principles of inclusion, equity, and diversity. Cristina's artistic endeavors encapsulate a dynamic blend of creative vision, fresh insights, and humor, resonating with audiences on both aesthetic and emotive levels. Her contributions to the artistic realm are characterized by their profound impact and ability to provoke thought, laughter, and reflection alike.

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Writer | Speaker | Founder Towards Greener Borders

Holly Maxwell Boydell, United Kingdom

Holly Maxwell Boydell is a writer, speaker, mentor, knowledge broker, and the editor and founder of The Holly Tree Tales.

Also the Founder of Towards Greener Borders, Holly lives as she suggests and has a resolute management style, including when it comes to keeping garden, land, and built environments natural and healthful.

Holly has a profound amount of experience at ‘creating the essence of home’ – whether at work or in her personal life – paying attention to detail for all the senses. She is organized and prefers environments healthy and sustainable, with well-being always at the forefront of her focus and consideration.

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Marcus Westberg, Sweden - and traveller

I love what I do - let’s start there.

Everything I do, I have chosen to do. And while I always cringe a little when I hear the word ‘luck’, I certainly recognize how incredibly privileged I am to have been able to choose this path in the first place, having been born into an affluent society (Sweden), a loving, supportive family and with no real hardships to speak of.

Photography is about sharing stories. These stories are the stories of others—of other people, of animals, of places and events—and although not something I seek out consciously, I find that my photography has a tendency to focus on strength and integrity, affinity and love.

Perhaps this is because these are qualities I instinctively look for in others; perhaps because they are qualities I would want others to look for (and hopefully find) in me. But their stories are also my stories, and how I choose to tell them, whether through photos or words, says as much about my own journey as it does about the world around us. Most importantly, my effectiveness as a storyteller hinges on my ability to be present, to form connections and to listen, and to keep an open mind. I certainly don’t succeed all the time, but that’s no reason to stop trying.

Having been bitten early and decisively by the Africa bug, this is where I spend much of my time. An academic background in environmental science soon gave way to full-time photography and writing.

I am now a two-time Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist, a proud member of Wildlife Photographers United, and have spoken about my work in front of audiences of over 2,500 people.

I also run trips and yoga retreats together with my amazing wife Jessica and have produced a series of photographic courses and workshops. A small selection of my photographic prints are available for sale through Maptia. Between travels you will most likely find me foraging for mushrooms and berries in my native Sweden, but in the event that this is somewhat out of your way you are very welcome to reach out via more conventional methods.

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Carole Lieu

Creative Director and Designer

Carole Lieu, New York

It's hard to categorize me—I started in graphic design and print. Became immersed in photo art directing. Cultivated storytelling. Fell into advertising. Honed ideation. Integrated technology. Practiced strategy discernment. Evolved into creative director.


Grounded in Design, I consciously choose a path from a specialist mindset towards broadly applying myself to the creative process and capturing the big idea. I'm a collaborator, a creative, a thinker, a maker, an optimist, a humanitarian. I'm passionate about Design, and aware that it is powerful when informed by human insights and distilled with strategy. Rather than being stylized—my visual sensibilities are substantive, layered with the emotive and anchored in the depth of content. 


This challenging moment in human history is a reset for our global community. Yet, we are poised for bright opportunities to co-create and reforge how we live and work with a renewed sense of purpose, community, and an awakened intelligence. My vision is to bring to life our unique narratives as our storytelling alchemizes this moment, and sculpts the future. 


Based in Brooklyn, New York

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Neerja Choudhuri, India

I have always found my first love in writing. I try not to restrict myself on a particular topic and that's the reason why I am always exploring and experimenting with my writings. 

I also write on social issues that involve women and their lives as I feel that we are not representing the common woman enough. 

Just like all writers, I want my voice to be heard and I want it to reach as far as possible. And with this hope, I continue to write my way.


    Founder FLOWVR

    Tristan Gribbin, iceland

    Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin is the founder and CEO of FLOWVR, bringing meditation into virtual reality. Her passion is to give access to meditation to as many people as possible. Since 2000, Tristan has been practicing meditation and is a recognized meditation teacher in Iceland. She grew up in Northern California and graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of California (UCSC). For over ten years she worked as an actress in theater, television, and films in Ireland and Iceland, until 2004. Since then, she has been on a path of transformation with a strong emphasis on meditation. Meditation is one of the best solutions to stress. Many people perceive meditation to be difficult, even impossible, and that it takes too much time. In her talk at TEDx Reykjavík, Tristan encourages us to explore meditation in the context of the modern world we live in. She demonstrates some simple yet powerful ways we can all meditate at any moment, day or night using cutting-edge, modern meditation tools. See for more information about FLOWVR. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


      Tze Toh

      Composer and Pianist

      Tze Toh, Singapore

      Tze Toh composes for film, dance, documentaries, branding experiences, advertising, video games, installations. With over a decade of experience, his clients include Nendo, Cartier, Rosewood, Club Med, Discovery Channel, Toyota, Porsche, Changi Airport, National Gallery Singapore, and DBS bank among others. His original works have been showcased in Brazil, Netherlands, the Maldives, Poland, Spain, France, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

      As a solo artist and with his contemporary music group TO ensemble, he has performed his original music in festivals/projects in the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, the Maldives, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia.

      Some of his notable works include the original score for Singapore's first animated film Sing to the Dawn, Discovery Channel's Man-Made Marvels, theatre director/artist Ramesh Meyyappan's Snails, and Ketchup (London 2012 Cultural Olympiad), award-winning filmmaker Royston Tan's film Popiah[薄餅].

      In 2011, he won first prize in the UK Songwriting Contest (Instrumental category) for his fusion piece An Indian Folk song meets Jazz.

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      Documentary photographer

      Rey Byhre, Nigeria

      Rey is a photographer that has published in Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitnung, Time magaznie, The Times, The Guardian,and Reuters.

      He is mostly based on the African continent where he has worked with the UN and other NGO organizations. Right now you can find him working in a café in Nigeria.


        Writer, Photographer and Blogger

        Caitlin Atkinson, England

        I’m Cait!

        I’m a 23-year-old university graduate, living in the North East of England. I previously studied Psychology at York St John University, and I’m now undertaking my PGCE with a goal of teaching English – maybe! We’ll see where I end up.

        I’m bringing this blog back – I’ve had a bit of a break due to my mental health, something which I openly discuss here quite often! This blog covers a range of topics, usually just acting as a place for me to talk about my emotions and opinions on things.

        I’m also a photographer – with a website dedicated specifically to that. Although at the moment, my main subjects are famous landmarks and my own friends/family!

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        kati stavnem.jpg

        Writer / Researcher and Development

        Katrin Stavnem, Norway, Estonia

        Master's degree in Mathematics from UiT (Tartu University), Diploma in Tourism Management, Clinical Hypnotherapist from Robert Shields College in the UK, and a medical foundation course.

        I have lived and worked in different countries: Estonia, Denmark, the UK, Greece, and Norway.

        I have a burning passion for understanding the complex interactions within the human body and how various factors, including lifestyle, nutrition, and the environment, influence our health.

        Through several years of experience, I have come to understand that our well-being is entirely dependent on a healthy and balanced environment, including clean water and oceans. It is crucial to raise awareness about water, the oceans, and environmental protection, and to highlight how critical these issues are for our own health and the future of our planet.

        My desire is to inspire and raise awareness among people about the importance of taking care of our oceans and water resources, and how even small actions can make a significant difference.

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        Naval architect, 3D & VR designer

        Brita Erica Duwe, Norway

        I am what you would call a multipotentialite, a person with a wide range of skills and interests spanning various disciplines. My insatiable thirst for knowledge and passion for learning new things drives me forward. Among my diverse pursuits, I excel as a naval architect and possess expertise in 3D and VR design. Additionally, I am a nature guide, kayak instructor, glacier guide, content creator, and freelance writer.

        Residing in Årdalstangen, a quaint town nestled amidst towering mountains at the innermost end of Sognefjorden in western Norway, I find solace and inspiration in the outdoors throughout the year. The Norwegian fjords and mountains serve as my cherished playground, where I immerse myself in their beauty. Nature acts as a source of rejuvenation for my mental and physical well-being, allowing me to maintain harmony and balance. Every time I venture outdoors, I'm captivated by the intricate details of plants, wildlife, and landscapes, often losing myself in awe.

        As a guide, witnessing individuals conquer new skills and embrace challenges brings me immense joy. It is especially rewarding to witness their elation as they explore the breathtaking landscapes in my area. When it comes to writing, my favorite subject is the experiences found in nature. I endeavor to encapsulate the raw emotions of those precious moments, capturing the essence of what one perceives with their senses.

        Driven by my adventurous spirit, I readily embrace exciting opportunities even if I lack prior knowledge or experience. My curiosity and willingness to try new things have led me to incredible places, unforgettable experiences, and the company of remarkable individuals. Collaborating with fellow creative souls across various disciplines is where the true magic happens, and I thoroughly enjoy exploring the boundaries of creativity.

        Finally, I must admit that wearing dresses in extraordinary locations is my guilty pleasure—an occasional indulgence that adds an extra layer of enchantment to my adventures. 


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        Creative Director and Designer

        Marina Tjetland, Norway & Kasakhstan

        Artist, writer, and designer. With expertise in visual design, creative coding, and web design, Marina is a versatile and valuable team member for any project. Her commitment to sustainability, mental health awareness, and Web3 also reflects her dedication to using design as a force for positive change.

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        Guta Hegarty, Brazil and Ireland

        I reject and protest any kind of oppression and environmental injustices. There is no peace without justice. Freedom of speech is fundamental for a democratic and fair society. Worked for Brazilian News agencies and active correspondent. Lived. in 11 countries around the world.

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          Project Engineer & writer

          Belisa Husanovic, Norway

          Belisa Husanovic is a renewable energy engineer, yoga teacher, and sustainability advocate. Working with development projects in the Middle East, she observed synergies between resource management, sustainability, life quality, and conflict. She decided to obtain more knowledge and spent her first professional years in the solar and energy storage industry, before dwelling deeper into the development of sustainable battery technology. Having experienced several landscapes of the energy industry, she has gained insight into market synergies and innovation, as well as blind spots regarding sustainability. 

          She is currently traveling to the Amazonian jungle to further refine her understanding of indigenous holistic teachings and ways of living. She is excited to pursue and venture deeper into the realm of writing. Being a lover of creativity and human co-creation; she is also the co-founder of Ambler; a consultancy agency helping creative innovations and initiatives to thrive.

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          co-founder of IBMed, expert in biomimicry

          Marine Peguin, France

          Marine, an expert in biomimicry, and Serial learner create bridges between antagonistic disciplines and opposite universes. Transition Manager and Strategy Advisor for more than 25 years, she supports companies in their international transformation and innovation projects.

          IBMed, is a benefits company dedicated to Biomimicry awareness and adoption.

          IBMed was born from a symbiotic encounter between Marine Peguin and Coline Caillier; their complementary skills and their different approaches met halfway thanks to biomimicry and IBMed takes root into this synergy.

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          Paul Lorger


          Paul Lorger, France and traveller

          A journalist with a diploma in international relations, I like to understand the structures that surround us to tell the peculiarities of each. After a review through several French editors (Les Inrocks, Liberation, Ouest-France) as well as a jump through San Francisco (San Francisco Public Press) or Jerusalem (Palestine-Israel Journal), my stories try to relate to human lives, in - beyond the official speeches that shape our vision of a unified society. Without pretending to touch the truth, I try to transcribe a reality that is unknown to neighbors so far from real situations. Photography as the main witness accompanies my writings to illustrate and support the comments made during the reports, with, as a point of honor, a focus on the individual. Based in Bamako, Mali. 

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          Co-founder of IBMed & Graphic Designer

          Coline Caillier, France

          Coline, Curious about everything, is a graphic designer, and a sower of inspiration. Fascinated by the nature that surrounded her during childhood, she creates tailor-made graphic universes and poetic objects questioning the possibility of a non-anthropocentric design and a regenerative design.


          IBMed, is a benefits company dedicated to Biomimicry awareness and adoption.

          IBMed was born from a symbiotic encounter between Marine Peguin and Coline Caillier; their complementary skills and their different approaches met halfway thanks to biomimicry and IBMed takes root into this synergy.

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