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Meet our Experts

Where would we be without our experts?

We are forever grateful to these people who share their vast knowledge and skills with us.

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Andreas B. Heide, Explorer& Captain


Led by marine biologist and former Navy diver Andreas B. Heide, S.V. Barba is a marine conservation platform with a mission to generate tangible results that advance the protection of Arctic waters through storytelling and scientific exploration.

Barba represents a dynamic community of partners, ocean ambassadors and Arctic explorers with a commitment to the protection of our planet’s marine ecosystems.

Echoing the needs of contemporary scientific research, Barba’s current focus is on studying Arctic whale populations, as well as the impacts of global warming and plastic pollution at sea.

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Shan Amin,| Plant-Insect-Fungal Biologist & Biochemist | Chemical Ecologist

Passionate about sciences on both molecular and macroscopic scales. Generally interested in topics related to ecology, evolution, entomology, environment, toxicology, mycology and plant protection biology. Also zealous about permaculture, pedagogy, psychology, health, leadership, altruism and influencing bureucratic policies / decision-making processes. High work capacity empath and intellectual.

Currently working on bringing nature back into urban / industrialized environments.

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Clara Botto, Brazil & Portugal

Clara has been engaged with sustainable development at a grassroots and international level, from arts to politics, for the past 8 years. She is currently developing the platform SRM Youth Watch looking into young people’s perspective of the governance of solar radiation modification, campaigns with World’s Youth for Climate Justice seeking an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice on the climate crisis as a human rights issue, is a New European Voice on Existential Risk with the European Leadership Network and is the Science-Policy Thematic Facilitator of the Major Group on Children and Youth to UNEP.

She holds an MSc in International Development and Public Policy, having written her thesis as a policy case study of deep-sea mining in Portugal, and a BSc in Business with a focus on Creative Economy and Marketing, where she researched sustainable fashion and the universities’ lack of preparation to equip youth for sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro.

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Phillip Owen

Philip Owen is an environmental activist and founding member of GeaSphere, a nonprofit organization registered in South Africa. For more than two decades, GeaSphere has been raising awareness regarding the environmental and social impacts of large-scale industrial timber plantations (also called ‘forests’). The organization networks with Southern African and International Organizations including TimberWatch, South African Water Caucus, Global Forest Coalition, and others.

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Prof. Sandor Mulsow, Former Head, the Office of Environmental Management and Mineral Resources at the International Seabed Authority

Dr. Sandor Mulsow is a Chilean professor of marine geology. From 2013 to 2019 he was head of the Office of Environmental Management and Mineral Resources at the International Seabed Authority (ISA). He is currently working on promoting GeoEthics in Marine Sciences, especially in Deep Sea Mining. Taphonomy changes induced by anthropic impact in coastal sensible environments. Fate of heavy metals and other harmful compounds (pesticides, antibiotics) used in coastal environmental activities. More than 15 years of experience in International Management Responsibilities in Marine Sciences around the world; 7 years in Monaco and 5 years at ISA-Jamaica. Professional working experience in the USA, Canada, Norway, and Chile. Experienced in providing support for the implementation of decisions by governing bodies of the UN (Council and Assembly), on a biannual basis including administrative, budgeting, and financing. Developed manpower and capacity building in more than 60 countries. Activities include but are not limited to the creation/implementation of marine radiological laboratories/training and international scientific expeditions to all world oceans including the Arctic and Antarctic habitats. Organized and executed international inter-calibration exercises with countries from the Baltic Sea and worldwide, both radiotracers and heavy metals. Reported data to Codex Alimentarius, FAO-WHO. Skilled in building and organizing people to work as a team on complex projects such as the creation/development/implementation of the World Radioactive Database (IAEA) and Deep Sea Mining Database (ISA). Successful regulator/mediator/negotiator, while evaluating complex binding exploration contracts for deep sea mining in the Area with many sponsoring Member States and the ISA. Constant technical/legal and diplomatic exchanges/negotiations with member states and parties, including State Ministries, Academic Institutions, and NGOs. Skilled expert on UNCLOS and the sustainable use of the oceans for the benefit of mankind. Editor of Eco-ethics in Environmental Sciences and member of the International Association for Promoting Geoethics. Published more than 69 peer-reviewed articles (see publications) and more than 100 technical/legal reports.  More than 80 invited conferences worldwide. Executed more than 10 research-funded grants, both at national and international levels. Participated in 9 international exploration cruises. Expert member of GESAMP, currently a member of the Executive Committee of GESAMP. Founder and supporter of a bilingual high school in north Patagonia - Chile.

Also starring in the latest documentary by Jason Momoa, Matthieu Rytz in Deep Rising, soon in cinemas in US (27th of October) Sundance 2023: ‘Deep Rising’: The Oceans Belong to No One

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Fabrice Schnöller,  Biologist & Engineer,

Fabrice Schnoller is a French biologist and free diver based on the island of La Reunion. He’s the founder of and a key player in The Click Effect, a virtual reality wildlife documentary filmed in collaboration with The New York Times in an effort to help us better understand dolphins and whales.

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Sebastian Kirppu, 

Sebastian Kirppu is a loud voice in the Swedish forest debate. He is loved by the environmental movement but less appreciated by the forest companies. The World Wide Fund for Nature chose him as the environmental hero of the year in 2011 and a few years later he was appointed as the listeners' own summer speaker in P1.

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