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Meet our TEAM

These amazing people have contributed a lot to who we are today

So grateful to have them in our team

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Kelly Trainer

Kelly is currently designing and making mindful and eco-friendly textiles, interior and fashion accessories for her business, Design Floe. Gaining a Master of Arts in Textile Design Innovation at Nottingham Trent University, Kelly curated a collection of luxury, dynamic and handcrafted textile designs. By working and connecting with the natural environment, she explored the use of natural dyes, rain, snow and ice cubes. Focusing on sustainability, Kelly is using these nature led processes to help in the reduction of water wastage, pollution and global emissions and promote the use of eco-friendly and natural dyeing. .

+ 44 (0)7825442227

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Art creator and visual storyteller

Marina Tjetland

Marina is a self-taught artist. First, her scribbles on the walls, then in her schoolbooks, sketchbooks, or simply on white pages, then on white canvases, kept her busy from the moment she remembered herself. Even though Marina chose to study Law and follow her education path by working as a lawyer generalist for more than 10 years, she was still drawn by art. But she never dared create for a living, always kept it aside as a hobby. And by that time there was less and less space and time left for her hobbies, Marina began to realize how much art is important for her, for her personal growth and mental well-being. Her full journey began by writing an illustrated science fiction novel, a children's book about her daughter, and mental health comic series. And now, by joining the Sooo team, Marina can pursue her other passions, such as free education, children's rights, women's empowerment, and love of nature.

+47 47275101

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Optimist, problem solver, social entrepreneur, positive impact maker

Josy Kang

Happy human. Here to make real connections & help solve problems.

🔆 Ideas I am currently pondering: How to take meaningful action towards making the world a better place, for everyone.

👋 Find me on CH: @happyjosy

Interested in discussing how to live well, news and politics, and the future applications of Blockchain Technology.

Background: 19 years of the traditional family business (retail), CPO, Community Lead, Senior Product & Design Manager; Digital editor; journalist; online business consultant.

Drop me a line:

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